2D design

Create 3D shapes from vector or bitmap graphics and use built-in vector tools to define machining operations.

Flexible tools

You can create designs from scratch directly in Maker Plus using hand-drawn sketches or pre-drawn 2D vector graphics. Maker Plus supports the most popular vector and bitmap file formats, including EPS, PDF, BMP, JPG, TIFF and GIF, and preserves all original layer information in DXF, DWG and AI files.

Total control and editing of vectors

Maker Plus provides tools to create and edit a wide range of shapes or freehand vector curves with full control, even at the level of a single node. Complicated designs are easy to create and organize thanks to the ability to use multiple vector layers. Merge, merge, fillet, trim, offset, wrap… Vectors are also used in the manufacturing phase to define or exclude areas that can be machined.

Diagnose and repair errors in vectors

The Vector Doctor tool quickly and easily identifies and repairs troublesome loops and intersecting vectors, ensuring that the project is seamlessly prepared for processing. Control over vector editing and repair parameters (e.g., tolerance control and the ability to retain pre-corrected graphics) guarantee quick and easy editing of the entire project.

Converting bitmap graphics to vectors

The intuitive bitmap to vector tool allows you to easily convert imported bitmap images to high-quality editable vectors with just a few clicks. Use the slider to reduce the number of colors in the imported image for precise boundary vectors or centerlines.

Adding text

Text can be easily created, edited, manipulated, and distorted to fit your design. Wrap text on any curve, both open and closed. Maker Plus supports OpenType, TrueType, and single-line font collections, allowing you to create a wide range of personalized products tailored to your needs.

Vector library

Use the library of nearly 100 vectors that you can use in your projects for free! Once you’ve created your own vectors, you’ll be able to add them to your own categories in the library. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily and quickly use them again.

3D design

Jednym z głównych zastosowań naszych rozwiązań jest tworzenie projektów 3D. Maker Plus zawiera bazowe narzędzia do tworzenia reliefów i płaskorzeźb. 

Relief based on various sources

Maker Plus allows you to create 3D relief models based on various sources, such as bitmaps, photos or grayscale graphics.

Smoothing reliefs

Use smoothing tools to remove unwanted imperfections from low-quality reliefs.

Inverting reliefs

With Maker Plus, inverting relief models to produce male and female parts or simple molds is extremely easy and fast.

Shape Editor

With the Shape Editor’s customizable settings, you can use a variety of shapes, angles and heights to easily create 3D reliefs from both vectors and bitmap graphics with just a few clicks.

3D Sculpting

Interactive sculpting tools allow you to easily edit your design by adding or removing material. Smooth out imperfections in your model with the configurable power of individual tools. Working with the tools is made easier with a real-time preview of changes in 3D view.

Relief Cookie Cutter

The Relief Cookie Cutter tool gives you full control over the relief, allowing you to easily cut, reshape and combine several elements to create a truly unique design!

Fade Relief

The Fade tool allows you to fade the height of a 3D relief within a radius or between two defined points. Working directly in the 3D view, you can easily see the effect in real time by adjusting the strength and direction of the fade.

Relief Spin

Using open vectors, the Spin Tool allows you to create circular relief. Dynamically change the profile of your spun-relief by dragging vector points (nodes) entirely in the 3D view.

Relief Turn

Using open vectors, the Turn Tool allows you to easily create a turned shape. Dynamically drag around vector points (nodes) and see the effect on your relief in real-time in the 3D view.

3D Weave Wizard

Complex weave effects can be generated from 2D graphics using the wizard. The weave shape consists of overlapping dragged profiles and is created from at least two vectors.

Add Draft

This tool adds drafts to the edges of your design, which enables users to create moulds and vacuum-formed packaging which are easy to release.

Reliefs Library

Take advantage of a library of over 600 reliefs that you can use in your projects for free! You can also organize the reliefs in your own categories.

Productivity tools

Wykorzystaj poniższe narzędzia do zwiększenia automatyzacji i niezawodności swojej produkcji, poprzez redukcję liczby żmudnych, powtarzalnych czynności.


Sheets allows you to work with multiple sheets of material within a single project. Our solution is also designed for production applications, making it possible to generate reports with useful toolpath data. Sheets are particularly useful in conjunction with the Multiplate and Nesting tools.


With the Nesting function, a large number of letters or shapes can be efficiently positioned and cut from a single or multiple sheets of material. This reduces waste and saves money. The tool allows shapes to be nested inside other, larger shapes. In addition, Maker Plus allows you to save leftover materials. The resulting vectors can be used in future projects.

Toolpath templates

Toolpath templates allow you to assign toolpath settings to specific vector layers. A toolpath template file saves the original creation settings for a given toolpath. The settings saved in the template can be applied to the model’s vector graphics to process all or part of the model.

Panel/Tiling Toolpaths

Limited machine working area is no longer a problem! With Toolpath Panelling, larger jobs can be divided into multiple panels. Each can be cut individually and finally assembled to create a larger, oversized piece.

Tools for manufacturing

From simple cutting to 3D machining, built-in strategies allow you to move quickly and easily from the design stage to the finished, fabricated part. Take advantage of the extensive and customizable CNC tool base that comes with the software, which you can use to machine a wide variety of materials.

Toolpath edit

Perform advanced operations on toolpaths and their parameters, including merging, copying, transforming, reordering and the ability to calculate multiple toolpaths in one go, so you don’t waste time on tedious manual operations.

Tool database

The tool database is fully editable, allowing you to customize to your exact tooling requirements. Control various parameters, including Stepover, Stepdown, Spindle Speed, Feed Rate and Plunge Rate. Save your favorite tools and even add your own custom shaped tools.

Postprocessor library

Maker Plus also includes an extensive (and constantly expanding) library of postprocessors to ensure the software’s compatibility with most engravers, plotters, machine tools and laser systems on the market.

Full toolpath information

Get detailed reports on all generated toolpath settings and see accurate machining times.

Work with multiple toolpaths

Combine multiple toolpaths and strategies to quickly process your designs.

Multiple machining strategies

Use the available strategies to create precise toolpaths to physically manufacture your designs.

Available toolpath strategies

Profile toolpath

Use the profile toolpath to machine inside, outside, or along the boundary of selected vector artwork. This toolpath is ideal for cutting out letters and shapes from a material block.

2D area-clearance toolpath

Use the area clearance toolpath to clear an area of material based on the boundary of a selection of vector artwork. This toolpath is ideal for clearing unwanted areas from a block of material.

Inlay wizard

Use the Inlay Wizard to produce different kinds of inlay and insert toolpaths. You can use these toolpaths to machine interlocking male and female parts. Maker Plus enables these interlocking parts to fit perfectly by adjusting the shape of the corners according to the tool that is used to machine them.

Bevel Carving Toolpath

Use bevel-carving toolpaths to replicate a bevelled look for your selected vector artwork. The angle of the bevelled edge is determined by the angle of the carving tool.

V-bit carving toolpath

Use a V-bit carving toolpath to replicate a hand-carved look for your selected vector artwork. This toolpath enables you to control the depth of the centreline carved into the block of material, and control the order in which the toolpath segments are machined.

Raised-round toolpath

Use the raised-round toolpath to machine precise, recessed shapes in several concentric passes using a selection of vector artwork.

Fluting toolpath

Use the fluting toolpath to create and control ramping cuts along vectors. This toolpath is ideal for creating designs on wooden doors, or woven patterns around coins.

Texture toolpath

Use the texture toolpath to machine a texture across the whole surface, or a specific area, of your model using only the geometry and machining parameters of a tool chosen from the Tool Database.

Machine-relief toolpath

Use the machine-relief toolpath to machine the entire surface of the composite relief or to machine a specific area of the composite relief, as defined by a selected vector.

Drill-holes toolpath

Use the drill-holes toolpath to drill holes in your model. The size of the drill hole is determined by the diameter of the cutting tool that is used during the machining process.

Drill-bank toolpath

Drill banks (gang drills) are a collection of drills, attached to the moving head of a router. They are primarily used by cabinetmakers to drill a large number of holes simultaneously. Use the drill bank toolpath to drill at the centre of each vector in a selection of vector artwork, typically circular.

Laser-machining toolpath

If you have a laser-engraving machine, use the 3D laser-machining toolpath to quickly remove unwanted material from the composite relief. The machining process involves a laser beam making a series of passes in the Z direction at a specified depth.

Machining Simulation

Carveco Maker Plus builds on the simulation tools of Carveco Maker you simulate your toolpaths before you commit time and materials on your CNC.

Choose to simulate each toolpath individually or simulate all your toolpaths for a look at the final design. With the dedicated playback controls, you can scrub through the toolpath for a closer look at specific tool moves, watch your cuts in real-time (1-to-1 speed) or jump to the completed simulation.

What’s more, you can preview your simulation in a wide range of realistic materials and save out your design as an interactive 3D PDF. A great pre-visualisation tool to send your clients and get a design signed-off before hitting the CNC.

Simulate A Wide Variety Of Materials


Red marble


Light oak